School of Prayer

Here at the Cincinnati House of Prayer we believe we are called to a perpetual posture of learning before the Lord. We believe the “corporate prayer room” is one of the most conducive and important places to study the Word, learn how to pray, worship and ultimately grow in Kingdom of God dynamics. Just as Christ’s disciples asked Jesus “Teach us to pray!” we take a similar approach by humbly presenting ourselves daily as priestly intercessors and worshipers to this same prayer and declaration for our own lives. “Lord, teach us to pray!”

The School of Prayer exists to train, equip and inspire the individual and the corporate community to operate and grow in a biblical understanding of the dynamics of the Holy Spirit for the purposes of prayer, intimacy and godly effectiveness for the days in which we live.

The School of Prayer has two primary ministry focuses


At the C-HOP Missions Base under the School of Prayer program heading we offer a variety conferences, internships, intensives, classes, Bible studies, prayer groups and more, fueled out of the corporate prayer room and the musical prayer meeting to enhance the individual’s personal prayer and devotional life before God.


We offer a Mobile School of Prayer, bringing these same teachings, values and encouragement to your local church, ministry, group, etc. as one way to minister and serve the Body of Christ in our region. The Mobile House of Prayer exists to go into the tri-state region as a service, equipping and encouragement ministry to the Body of Christ and not for the promotion of the Cincinnati House of Prayer.

We believe as followers of Jesus Christ we are all, in a sense, in a school of prayer and need to learn how to pray, worship and live our lives for the Kingdom effectually. At C-HOP we have developed a general program of learning, equipping and encouraging for both individuals and groups to take part in so they may grow in each of these dynamics and more.

If you have interest in the Mobile School of Prayer coming to your local church, ministry or group, please contact the C-HOP Missions Base at: 513-942-3892 or email us.

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