We value intimacy.

Above all else, we want to help people to grow in intimacy with Jesus Christ, by cultivating hearts that desire more than anything to know the Lord and his ways. For those called to a contemplative lifestyle, we intend to provide an atmosphere conducive to meditating on the Lord and resting in him for extended periods of time.

We value scripture-based prayer and worship.

Prayer and worship is our central activity expressed using music and spoken prayer (Rev. 5:8). While we are in a primary way attempting to grow in our proficiency of the Harp & Bowl model of intercessory worship, we will seek to employ various styles of prayer, each aimed to touch the heart of God and to engage the hearts of worshippers. We intend to have the songs, prayers and themes of the Bible as the launching pad for prayer meetings.

We value citywide unity.

We believe that such prayer activities are to serve the whole Church across the city, all denominations and congregations that worship and exalt Jesus. We recognize that there is one body of Christ in Cincinnati expressing itself in many congregations.

We value training and development.

It is our intention to provide learning opportunities to cultivate deep passion for Jesus while equipping practically in the sustaining principles of continuous night & day prayer.

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